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Post Audio for Media Services

Post Audio for Media Services

Post Audio for Media Services

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Welcome to the Post Audio for Media Services page! Below is a list of all services I currently offer and what you can expect when signing up for any service. If you know what you’re looking for or are a repeat customer you can request a quote for your project here!

Post Audio for Media Services

Audio has many important roles in film. It’s famously said that

“Audio is 50% of the experience!”

Arguably more. But I’m always biased when this quote comes up. 

Either way, audio is a huge deal. And your film is your project baby. It’s your vision, your story, your message. You need someone you can trust when it comes to how your audio is handled in post. 

When I work with audio for a client I have just one rule

“I mix for the client first, the audience second, myself last.”

My role in any project is never to “be the hero.” I’m there to guide the story along with the skills I’ve been blessed with. While there may be some situations where I suggest some creative ideas or give a best course of action during problem solving, the film is ultimately your vision. And my role in that story is to help your vision come to life.

Post Audio for Media Services

Dialogue Editing

Dialogue editing is the first step in any post edit. Unfortunately, this can also be the most time consuming. There’s a lot that can happen on location that causes issues, such as:

  • Wireless Interference/Dropouts
  • Environmental Noise
  • Man-made Noise
  • Improper Boom Technique
  • Actor Flubs
  • Lack of Room Tone (Seriously…get the dang tone)

There are three main stages when it comes to dialogue editing:

  • Fill
  • Fix
  • Fade

My goal when editing dialogue is to fill the entire film from A to B with that sweet production sound with clear, clean dialogue. For indie films, this small correction can mean the difference between amateur and professional.

Sound Design

Sound Design, unlike Sound Effects described below, is the foundation for your story’s worldbuilding. 

Think ambiance, city scapes, forest sounds, animals, sirens, phone rings, etc. These are all real life sounds that need to be inserted in order to create the sonic world your characters find themselves in. And by extension what your audience will find themselves in.

Post Audio for Media Services


Foley, the red headed step child of sound effects/design. Foley is the process of recreating all movement, prop interaction, foot steps, and so on by characters on screen. 

While I always always preach that location mixers should think of recording the performance of the actors, and not just dialogue, sometimes movement and Production Sound Effects just aren’t there. 

Even if they are there, adding a delicate touch of Foley can enhance the film and take it to the next level. 

This is often a very time consuming process but is worth the final polish!

Sound Effects

Sound Effects, unlike Sound Design, are all sounds that don’t necessarily exist naturally in the world. Dragon roars, UFO’s, magic, monsters, space rumbles, and so on. 

This is one of the most creative parts of post audio and what people often think of first, and sometimes only, when post audio comes up. 

When done right, the sound effects created for a film can create a unique sonic fingerprint that belongs to your film and your film only.

Re-recording Mixing

Re-recording,  my personal specialty. 

This is the process where all elements of a film are gathered together and mixed to create the final soundtrack of your film. 

All dialogue, sound design, sound effects, Foley, and music tracks are mixed to appropriate volume, panned in the needed spec, baked into scenes with reverb, delay, and other effects. 

This is the final step in post audio and where all issues need to be found, addressed, corrected, and organized to give your film the best fighting chance it has to delivery an impactful story!

Project Quotes

While I offer services in just about every post production niche you can choose and hire me out for whatever your project needs!
Just need a dialogue editor? Or some quick sound effects? Or a full Re-recording mix for a festival? I can do that!

If you’d like to request more information for a quote for your project you can fill out the form here. I’ll be in touch shortly!

Talk soon!

Sean Crone

Sean Crone

Sean Crone is an audio post production engineer based in Rexburg, Idaho. He has extensive experience in field recording, dialogue editing, sound design, and working as a re-recording engineer. Sean takes special care to make sure the audio in his client's films helps support the story first.

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