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How To Install Acoustic Foam – NO WALL DAMAGE!

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You do not want to do that, and the reason why is that when it comes time to move, when you try and take those panels off the wall, that glue will actually either tear off the paint right off the walls or be even worse, tear the back of your acoustic foam off and leave it stuck to the wall.

How’s it going everyone, Sean here, and today I’m going to be showing you how to hang up these bad boys without making your landlord mad. 


So, so good! Now, if you’re unsure about what acoustic panels actually do apart from making your studio setup look amazing 


They can help dampen the sound. 

So, for videos like this one, it helps the room noise not sound so echoey when you’re recording your audio. 

But they can also help flatten out the frequency response coming from your monitors to help you hear your mix as accurately as possible no matter what room you are in.

Now, when those of you who are new to music production or audio production get your first set of acoustic panels, you may be tempted to take your panel, take some glue, squirt it on the back, slap your panel on the wall, and there you go, your studio setup. 

But that is the wrong way to do it, and let me tell you why.

When it comes to setting up your own acoustic panels on your wall, you have to be very careful with the material you use to mount them up there, especially if you’re like me and you’re renting an apartment or you’re in a dorm room. The last thing you want is to damage your walls. 

That is going to be more money out of your pocket that you don’t want to spend. Believe me, guys, it sucks.

So, one of the worst things you can actually do is, like we mentioned before, use some glue here and just squirt it on the back and slap the panel on the wall. 

You do not want to do that, and the reason why is that when it comes time to move, when you try and take those panels off the wall, that glue will actually either tear off the paint right off the walls or be even worse, tear the back of your acoustic foam off and leave it stuck to the wall. And I promise you, if either scenario happens, your landlord will not be happy with you, and you can kiss your entire security deposit goodbye.


So, what I’ve done here with the panels that I have behind my setup is, if you peel back this corner here, you can actually see that what I’ve done is I went to Walmart, I picked up a couple of these cheap poster boards; they’re only like a dollar. And then I got some Elmer’s glue actually and just glued these panels to the poster board itself. And then with some help, I leveled out the poster board on the wall and then used thumbtacks to just stick it in the wall there. It’s far less damaging. 

Landlords don’t really care that much about thumbtacks, so you’re pretty safe there. And what you have left is a beautiful panel set up right on your wall that is incredibly easy to move. When it’s time for me to move, all I’ve got to do is take off this giant poster board with panels attached to it, and I can take it to a new apartment and slap it up in like two minutes. Guys, it’s super easy.

So, with all that said, guys, I’m going to show you how you can do the same thing with some very cheap materials you can honestly get right at Walmart for dirt cheap. So, let’s get into it.

Honestly, guys, in order to get this done, you just need to buy a couple of things, and it is super, super easy to set up. So, what you’re going to need are a couple of pieces of your poster board to put your panels on, some glue (I used Elmer’s glue for the panels I have behind my desk right now, but you can also get industrial glue if you want, it’s honestly up to you. 

You will, of course, want to grab your panels themselves and, last but not least, some tape to hold the poster board together while you set everything up. 

Step one is to take your poster board and set them next to each other according to the size or dimensions that you want for your panels to be on your wall. Then take your tape and just tape the posters together. 

This will help everything stay in place as you are gluing, so it’s not sliding everywhere, getting glue everywhere. Trust me, this will save your life. 

Once all that is set up, just take your panels, put some glue on the back of them, place them on your board according to the design and dimensions that you want, and then just let it sit and dry for a couple of hours to make sure the panels are set in place. You do not want them falling off. That is a pain in the butt. 

So while these dry, I’m going to grab some lunch, and I will see you guys in a little bit. All right, guys, and we’re back. So I checked, made sure the panels were securely glued on there, they’re not falling off, and then all I did off-camera was trim the edges a little bit, just removed some of the excess cardboard. So yeah, now all we have to do is mount it to the wall itself, and we will have our new panels up. 

And there you go, guys, you now have acoustic panels on your wall with the added benefit that they will not damage the walls when you take them off, and they are extremely easy to move. All you have to do is pop them off the wall, and then when you get to your new spot, put them back up with a couple more thumbtacks. 

So if you liked this video and want to see more like it, please consider dropping a like and subscribing down below. It honestly really does help me out and helps me continue to be able to make more videos like this one. I will also be putting a link to these acoustic panels down in the description below so you can buy a set for yourself. 

They are extremely cheap but very reliable, and honestly, for the price, extremely good quality. That’s it for today, guys. I hope you learned something new, and as always, I will see you in the next video. 

Gosh dang it, you!

Sean Crone

Sean Crone

Sean Crone is an audio post production engineer based in Rexburg, Idaho. He has extensive experience in field recording, dialogue editing, sound design, and working as a re-recording engineer. Sean takes special care to make sure the audio in his client's films helps support the story first.

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