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Are You Listening – The Gear

Est. Reading Time – 2 min Home Gear is fun! Creatives alike, both in video production and audio engineering, often become infected with G.A.S, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. We tend to get caught up in the flashy RGB, the features that “justify” a $2000 upgrade, or the slick look of new toys.  As a recovering

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Are You Listening – The Plan

Est. Reading Time – 3 min. Home As creatives it’s very easy for us to get lost in the excitement of an idea. We can, usually, see or hear clearly the idea that we have. Putting all those ideas together in an actionable plan? That’s the hard part. Poetic Documentary Research This past week I

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Are You Listening? – A Poetic Documentary Pitch

Est. Reading Time – 3 min. Home Documentaries have long been a popular way for filmmakers to express their views about society. There are a handful of different types of documentaries out there, with the most common being the participatory. In this style of documentaries the topic is usually explained through sit down interviews with

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If you’re looking for places to get music, host a podcast, start a website, or you’re in the market for a mic, interface, audio recorder…well I could go on. Fellow media nerds, this is your place!

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Terms of Service

Est. Reading Time – 9 minutes Home Table of Contents Est. Reading Time – 9 minutes Terms of Service Thank you for checking into our website! These terms and conditions governs your access to this site and will help protect both myself and you. Please read these terms carefully and if you have any questions

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Privacy Policy

Est. Reading Time – 9 minutes Home Table of Contents Est. Reading Time – 9 minutes Who we are Inlustris Audio, LLC, operating under the business names Sean Crone Audio and/or Post Audio for Media, is an audio production company for media. Founded by Sean Crone in 2014 under the name, Final Impact Studios, Sean

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Ethics Policy

Est. Reading Time – 9 minutes Home Table of Contents Est. Reading Time – 9 minutes Why Ethics Matter I’m sure we all have a good handful of businesses, companies, and brands that we feel are just…ew. For nothing else than their over the top “corporate bullcrap” and rote statements.  I’m with you all. I

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What are your prices?
The needs of each project vary. Some may need a full podcast plan and system setup while others just a weekly episode edit. Some films are simpler dialogue narratives while others are fantasy that need tons of sound design. Because of this I price based on project on a case-by-case basis.

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Who Is Sean Crone?

Est. Reading Time – 14 minutes Home Table of Contents Est. Reading Time – 14 minutes Before entrusting me with your project, or even caring at all with what I have to say on other topics, allow me to introduce a bit about myself, where I came from, how I started, and all that jazz.

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