Are You Listening – Post Production!

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Are You Listening – Post Production!

For the past month and some change I’ve been working on Are You Listening? A Poetic Documentary as part of one of my final film production classes. This poetic mode documentary attempts to walk the viewer through the world of an audio engineer and the joy he gets from editing audio for film.

Latest Update

It’s been a while since the last update and a LOT has happened! 

I’ve been able to film all the shots I needed and have finished a rough draft of the film. Today in class we’ll be reviewing all our rough drafts to receive feedback before the final is due in about three weeks. 

Overall I have learned a metric crap ton throughout this project. A lot of of it about the gear I have, creating a post production workflow for this project and others to come, lighting, and the importance of bringing an unholy amount of batteries on filming day. 

One of the best lessons I’ve learned, however, is to trust my instincts as a filmmaker. Which was always an odd thing for me to think about since I’m an audio engineer. But the entire reason for me even majoring in video production was to better learn about film and the mindset of filmmakers so I can better support their story with audio. 

Throughout this major I’ve been able to network with, talk with, learn from, and grow some solid skills as a filmmaker myself. I still have a long way to go and lot to learn but overall the most damaging thing I can do for my own progression in filmmaking is to question what I know I can do. 

Next week I’ll be posting some screen grabs from the final edit so stay tuned!

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